Micha Boström

Micha Boström

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First Name * Micha
Last Name * Boström
Username * MicH
Country * United Kingdom
City London
Nationality Swedish
Languages English


Current Position Animator;Artist;Lighter;Modeller;Rigger
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerPost Production
Preferred Tools IllustrationModelingAnimationRiggingTexturingDesignArt Direction3ds maxMayaPhotoshopRendermanShakeZBrush


Website www.mibost.com


Production Experience

I'm a well rounded creative/ technical 3D artist with high standards. I feel my experience as a TD, Animator and Generalist would greatly compliment any team. I've worked on TVC's, a feature film, tripple AAA PC games, digital graphical contents for websites and lectured in advanced realtime graphics.

My tasks have always been varied eg. creating concepts, models, textures, shaders, rigs, simulations, animation and light set ups for renders. I've been working with national and international clients, sometimes on the fly with online 3D, onsite as well as offsite.

Personal Qualities

I'm a talented, motivated person with passion for creating stunning visuals. I am team player and have good social skills. I like to educate myself, share my knowledge, listen to others and acquaint myself with new ideas.

-- Experience --

Feature Films:
Total Recall ( Columbia Pictures | Theatrical Release 03/08/2012)
The Dark Knight Rises ( Warner Bros. | Theatrical Release 20/07/2012)
John Carter (Walt Disney Pictures | Theatrical Release 09/03/2012)
Captain America - The First Avenger (Marvel Studios | Theatrical Release 22/07/2011)
American Teen Movie (US 2007)

Post Production and Branding:
Cheestrings “Skate” (UK 2011)
DHL “Catwalk” (UK 2011)
DHL “Grow” (UK 2011)
Honda Jazz "This Unpredictable Life" (UK 2011)
Burberry (UK 2010)
McDonalds (US 2010)
American Express (US 2010)
Rolex (2009/2010)
Mazda CX7 (UK 2009)
Mazda Mx5 (UK 2009)
Mazda 6 (UK 2010)
Mazda 3 (UK 2009)
Mazda Mx5 (UK 2008)
Ford Ka (UK 2008)
Ford Flex (US 2008)
Ford Fiesta (UK 2008)
Ford Kuga (UK 2008)
LandRover Concept Car "LRX" (US 2008)
Avon Tyres (UK 2008)
The FA Cup (UK 2008)
Tele2 (Sweden 2007)
Friskies (US 2007)
Snuggle (US 2007)
Pedras (Portugal 2007)
University of Tenneese (US 2007)
British Telecom (UK 2007)
Lifesavers (US 2007)
Telenor (Sweden 2007)
Tylenol (Canada 2006)
The Carphone Warehouse (UK 2006)
MER (Sweden 2006)
NIBE (Sweden 2006)
Aftonbladet (Sweden 2006)
Solo Jeans (Sweden 2006)
Fazer (Baltic States 2006)
Fortum Real Estate (Sweden 2006)
FM Mattson (Sweden 2006)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 ( PC version) release Q2 2007.
Battlefield 2142 (PC version) released Q3 2006 (Branding)
Starshine Legacy (PC version) first in series of four released in Q2 2006
Concept Work for future installments in Esport series commisioned by Jadestone (2005)

Companies I worked with/for:
Against All Odds, Fido Film, Syndicate, Visual Art, Pine Film/AMG, Grin, Milford Animation and Film, Oblivion Games, Gomba, Nkel, NorthPlay, Neverborn Ent, Perfect Fools, Alphaville, Allan Burrows, Taylor James, Picasso Pictures, PrimeFocus London, Nexus Productions, The Movie Picture Company, Double Negative Visual Effects...